$75 Windows Upgrade

Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, and we are performing Windows 10 Upgrades remotely for the low cost of $75.

We recommend that people who use the Internet should always keep their OS updated, and to make use of OS upgrades when their current OS is reaching End of Life (EOL) scenarios.  With Windows 7 reaching EOL early 2020 we strongly recommend upgrading to Windows 10 at the earliest possible convenience.  We are already seeing a lot of Windows 7 and 8 computers starting to develop issues, and we have seen many instances where people have called Microsoft for support on Windows 7, and Microsoft’s answer has always been to upgrade to the latest version of Windows to fix the problem.

People have relayed their feedback to us and indicated that many computer companies are charging top dollar to upgrade, and they are also charging for a new Windows 10 License.  However, your existing Windows 7 or 8 key is sufficient to upgrade your Windows, and therefore we offer our customers the upgrade for $75 per computer, which simply covers the remote session required to clean up your computer and perform the upgrade.

We perform a large volume of upgrades, and a small percentage of computers refuse to be upgraded.  If we encounter a situation where your computer cannot be upgraded then we will refund your $75.

In order to start the upgrade process you just need to call our Office on (07) 4766 9696 to book a remote session.

Our Upgrade process includes the following steps:

  1. Get your computer under remote control.
  2. Take a $75 EFTPOS payment over the phone.
  3. Perform a full health check to ensure that your system is healthy.
  4. We will initiate the upgrade process.
  5. If the upgrade fails after 3 attempts we reimburse the $75 fee.

The biggest problem people have encountered with upgrading to Windows 10 is the different look and feel compared with Windows 7.  However, we have minimised this problem by installing Classic Shell onto our customers computers so the look and feel is 99% the same as Windows 7.

If you have any questions about this process, then feel free to contact us.

The security of the Internet is unstable at the best of times, and due to the large number of people out there who have malicious intentions, software developers are constantly upgrading systems to protect users.  Computers are compromised on a daily basis with everything from minor virus infections, through to the nastier Ransomware infections that encrypt all your data and demand payment to get your data back.  A lot of these infections are built to take advantage of discovered exploits in Operating Systems (OS) such as Microsoft Windows and Apple OS.  Many people consider Apple to be immune to infections, but the truth is that they are prone to infections just like the Windows OS, hence the need to have Anti-Virus systems on the Apple OS, and to also upgrade the Apple OS.  We therefore recommend that everybody keep their computer OS up to date.  The OS developers spend a lot of time keeping up with exploits in their systems, and are constantly releasing updates to block the areas needed to protect users.  When an OS reaches its end of life, then it stops receiving the critical updates required to keep your computer healthy, and your chances of major infections increases dramatically.  The other problem you can encounter is that software developers will stop updating and creating software for the outdated OS, and programs that you rely upon can stop working on newer content.

With that said, there are also a large number of people using software that won’t run on the newer OS, and as such they need to remain on their existing OS and take the risk of infection, or seek to update their software through their suppliers if possible.  This is where we take the time during any upgrade process to identify programs that may stop working if a customer chooses to upgrade.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us.

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