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Business Service Contracts

We provide Australian Businesses with Annual Service Contract options that include regular maintenance and protection.  Our goal is to provide our customers with reduced downtime and increased productivity by ensuring IT solutions remain stable and operational.

On call remote support

We provide 24/7 remote support for businesses and perform the majority of our scheduled maintenance after hours to minimise IT downtime.

Onsite Technicians

In situations that require a technician to be onsite, we will make the necessary arrangements to ensure that downtime is minimal.

Service Contract Backups

Recovery solutions are an important factor of our support, simply because Users have the uncanny ability to create situations that can cost a business their data.  For that reason, we include reduced rates for backup plans for customers on service contracts.

Residential Memberships

We provide our customers with annual Memberships options that are designed to reduce the ongoing costs of owning a computer.

Standard Membership (presently available in Townsville only)

for a single $250 annual fee you will receive 2 Included Visits (valued at $120 per visit) and 6 Included Remote Support Sessions (valued at $75 per session), giving you $690 value (saving $440).  PLUS you can add additional computers for $15 each, up to a total of 5 computers.

Remote Lite Package

You can purchase an annual Remote Lite Package, which consists of 5 remote support sessions for the low sum of $150 (valued at $75 per session), giving you $375 value (saving $225).

Remote Heavy Package

You can purchase an annual Remote Heavy Package, which consists of 10 remote supports sessions for the low sum of $250 (valued at $75 per session), giving you $750 value (saving $500).

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