Data Loss and Recovery

Data Loss is Preventable – Don’t put yourself at Risk

The Blunt Facts about Data Loss

The 21st Century saw the mass introduction of computers across every aspect of society, and this resulted in large volumes of business and personal data being stored on computers.  It didn’t take people long to realise that they needed to protect that data, and this opened up an entire new market in data backup, storage and recovery.  The rule of thumb with computer equipment is that they will deteriorate with age, they can get damaged when dropped, subjected to power surges, floods, theft and many other tragic scenarios.  As a result, we always encourage people to backup their data, but in many cases we can provide assistance with getting data back.

One of the hardest things in our job is telling people their data is gone.  Personal photo’s of loved ones, events in their lives, important documents, emails, the list goes on and on.  We have had quite a bit of success with recovering data, but in cases where data recovery is critical and the hardware is damaged, we opt to refer our customers to Payam in Brisbane and Sydney, but we warn customers that this level of recovery is not cheap

For the majority of cases, computer files are stored on hard drives similar to those to the right.  Inside there are multiple disc platters that spin at a fast speed and the read/write heads go back and forth reading and saving data to little sectors on the disc.

Imagine what happens when a computer is dropped whilst it is turned on.  The heads or other parts can break off and get stuck between the spinning drives, scouring the surface of the drive discs and destroying data.  Sometimes wear and tear can have the same effect on computer hardware.  The drive is old and worn, it isn’t reading like it used to, and like any mechanical device, something inside decides to break.  Once those disc platters are damaged then data recovery becomes much harder.

The newer Solid State Drives don’t have moving parts, they are purely electronic storage.  The speed of these drives is much faster than the conventional platter drives, but data recovery is a lot more complex than conventional drives.  If data chips are damaged, then in the majority of cases you can kiss your data goodbye.

 The other issue with conventional drives is that they deteriorate with age, and their performance slows down.  Common things that highlight this issue is the delays in opening files or starting programs compared to how they used to open.  If the Seek Time or Spin up Times are slow, then you will see that pause when loading files and programs.  It is easy enough to test the hardware, but we would recommend replacing the driver if the drive is slowing down.



Preventing Data Loss

The only real way to prevent data loss is to backup your data.  The hardest part of our job is telling people that their data is gone, and we have encountered numerous situations Business people have been seriously hurt by loss of data, and residential customers have been distraught at lost data and photos.  We have seen people backing up to USB drives, and been hit with Ransomware.  We have seen people be really careful with their equipment and then lost everything to natural disasters like Cyclones and Floods.  The list of examples goes on and one, but one simple fact remains.  If people were backing up to a reliable cloud then they wouldn’t have lost all their data.  For that reason we deployed our own Backup Cloud, using the Code42 Backup application that backs up to our own backup servers.  No middle man, no confusion over who has access to your data.  The answer is WE DO.

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