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We have found that one of the hardest things in the IT Industry has been having to tell people that their valuable data is gone forever.  There are numerous scenarios that can cause serious data loss, and the following is only a few examples:

  • Ransomware-: A malicious virus that uses a military encryption formula to destroy your data, followed by a ransom note asking for several thousand dollars to recover the data.
  • Dropped laptops-: This is a very common scenario, especially with business people who are on the go, and students.  Hard drive mechanics are easily broken even with the simplest impact.
  • Theft-: We have seen businesses broken into and their computers stolen by people who have no regard for the valuable data they are taking with them.  In many cases these also destroy what they cannot carry, and destroyed equipment means data loss.
  • Fire-: A building catching fire can destroy all your IT equipment, and whilst insurance would cover the loss, you cannot recover the valuable data lost if you have not backed it up.
  • Power Surges-: Another common thing that destroys computer equipment is power surges.  It is rarer than the above, but it does happen, and needs to be planned for in the even of failure.
  • And the list goes on.

Protect your data with our Local Cloud Backup

25GB- $15/ month

40GB- $20/ month

80GB- $25/ month

120GB- $30/ month

200GB- $35/ month

500GB- $45/ month


Preventing Data Loss

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