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A Membership for BYO School Laptops


School BYO Membership

With 30 years in the IT Industry we see school BYO Laptops continually cycle through our workshops.  By far the biggest issue is broken screens, with some customers returning 3-4 times a year.  Everything from accidental drops, closing screens with pens on the  keyboard, right through to bullying events, we see examples of them all.  The future success of this planet falls squarely on the shoulders of our Youth, so we would like to make that journey a little easier by easing some of the burden on parents by eliminating constant repair costs through our Membership Program.

Unlimited Repairs

Unlimited Remote Sessions

Only pay for replacement hardware

Add additional BYO Laptops


Limited Offer

We are offering 1000 School Memberships at the highly reduced price of $180, that equates to only $15 per month.  We also have Zip Pay, so you can obtain an annual School Membership and pay it off through Zip Pay’s monthly installments.  You can then have access to all year round support for your school children without having to worry about the cost.

Additional laptops @ $10 each

Maximum of 3 Laptops

Call us if you need more than 3

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